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Female Radicalization:
ISIS's Way of Propagandizing Women

-Mirika Rayaprolu


ISIS has radicalised and lured thousands of men and women to leave their home countries and travel to the Islamic State to live under the Sharia law. Recruiting young men and women as fighters has been an important project for ISIS with the aim of building a legacy that the ‘Cubs of the Caliphate’ can carry forward and radicalisation has proved to be a step one. The recruitment strategies that have been formulated by ISIS are that of different levels of brainwashing and this paper analyses the different types of recruitment procedures, from online to word-of-mouth. This paper also looks at the role media propaganda plays and inadvertently aids radicalisation. Dabiq and Rumiyah are magazines whose issues have regularly been released by the Al Hayat Media Center which is the media wing for ISIS. The 2 magazines that have been analysed with a lens as to how it facilitates radicalisation and draws connections between the varying stages of radicalising.

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